08. Apr 2020

Covid-19 – stakpure secures production, regeneration and service.

The current coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide new and difficult situation in a very dynamic environment. In order to manage this issue and to ensure security as well as health of our employees, customers and suppliers, stakpure introduces, like many other companies, new guidelines and processes.

Maintaining security of supply and supply chains in systemically relevant sections is important for us. In short term, we supply hospitals, medical practices and diagnostic laboratories with regenerated mixed-bed resin by our trading partners and ensure our system service (remote or local).

Hence, to keep up optimally business activities starting from our manufacturing process, through our supply of parts as well as generation service and finally to our customer service, we take following measures

  • To reduce the risk of an infection in our production- and regeneration establishments we use a two-shift model since 23 March 2020, whereas 50% of our employees work per shift at the same time.
  • We use all technological aids such as videoconferencing (Skype, Office 365) or remote-tools (TeamViewer) for acute service calls, sales and service trainings as well as intern and extern group meetings.
  • Our employees from the areas of administration, production, service and regeneration are spatially separated. They have been instructed to observe highest hygienic precautions including social distancing.
  • Employees, who do not need to be in our establishments physically, are working in home office. Same applies to colleagues, who currently look after their children at home.
  • We are in constant contact with our suppliers in order to control the impact on our mutual business relation. At the moment we have no information about immediate bottlenecks.

In case of any questions within the next few days, we would be glad to provide you with advice and assistance.

PS: Even beyond the company we are committed to overcome the corona crisis. Hence, we donate available disinfectant to a local outpatient care facility.

Stay healthy!
Your stakpure-Team