stakpure two-step reverse osmosis systems.

For centralised supply. Type II + 285 Water.

stakpure RO duo central

Two-step reverse osmosis system on stainless-steel frame. Multilingual microprocessor control with LCD display for controlling and monitoring RO systems. Display of permeate conductivity, fully automatic rinsing cycles, potential-free fault reporting relay. Module- based capability of increasing capacity at a later stage.


stakpure RO duo central2000 3000400050006000
Permeate performance at 10 °C2000 l/h3000 l/h4000 l/h5000 l/h6000 l/h
Power consumption9 – 16 kW9 – 16 kW9 – 16 kW9 – 16 kW9 – 16 kW
Mains voltage380/50-60 V/Hz380/50-60 V/Hz380/50-60 V/Hz380/50-60 V/Hz380/50-60 V/Hz
Max. operating pressure14 bar14 bar14 bar14 bar14 bar
Dimensions mm (W x D x H)2950 x 850 x 18002950 x 850 x 18002950 x 850 x 18002950 x 850 x 18002950 x 850 x 1800
Weight570 kg600 kg630 kg660 kg700 kg
Order no.1570200015703000157040001570500015706000
RO systems with control unit and bus systems such as BACnet are also available on request.


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