Pure water for the clinical laboratory.

These water treatment systems reliably supply CLRW/CLSI ultrapure water for analyzers and diagnostic systems in clinical laboratories. Here, the highest purity levels at low operating costs must be combined with high reliability. Therefore, selecting the right water treatment system is the key to seamless and uninterrupted laboratory operation.


The safe one for large amounts of pure water.
For H2O pure CLRW (CLSI) + DIN EN 285 + EN ISO 15883.


If safety is paramount and the quality of the cleaning already determines the quality of the results, then the OmniaLabDS system is the perfect solution.


Even for large pure water volumes up to 60 l, the OmniaLabDS guarantees compliance with international water standards in laboratories and medical technology. The combination with regenerative polisher cartridges and an optional emergency supply makes the system predestined for the reliable supply of clinical analyzers. For the supply of steam sterilizers as well as for cleaning and disinfecting devices.

  • OptiFill dispenser with LCD display as standard
    • Tank volume display in percent
  • 100 l tank with recirculation and pressure outlet
  • Tank volume modularly expandable
  • spent filters are simply and quickly exchanged
  • Leakage sensor as standard
  • optionally with emergency supply module
  • optionally with degassing unit

OmniaLabDS 20OmniaLabDS 40OmniaLabDS 60
Pure water Typ II + CLRW (CLSI)
DIN EN 285 + ISO EN 15883
Pure water performance at 15 °C [l/h]204060
Conductivity at 25 °C [µS/cm]0.1 up to 10.1 up to 10.1 up to 1
Resistance at 25 °C [MΩ x cm]10 up to 110 up to 110 up to 1
Dispensing performance dispenser [l/min.]up to 2up to 2up to 2
Particles* > 0.2 µm [1/ml]< 1< 1< 1
Bacteria* [KBE/ml]< 0.1< 0.1< 0.1
Pure water tank pressurized outletoptionaloptionaloptional

OmniaLabDS 20OmniaLabDS 40OmniaLabDS 60
Softened or hardness-stabilized water according to DIN 2000
Feedwater temperature [°C]+ 2 up to 35+ 2 up to 35+ 2 up to 35
Manganese and iron content [mg/l]< 0.05< 0.05< 0.05
Free chlorine content [mg/l]< 0.1< 0.1< 0.1
Silt density index (SDI)max. 3max. 3max. 3

OmniaLabDS 20OmniaLabDS 40OmniaLabDS 60
Connector sizeR3/4″R3/4″R3/4″
Operating pressure [bar]2 up to 62 up to 62 up to 6
Supply voltage [Volt/Hz]90-240/50-6090-240/50-6090-240/50-60
Connected load [kW]
Ambient temperature [°C]+ 2 up to 35+ 2 up to 35+ 2 up to 35
Dimensions tower* [W x H x D mm]511 x 1520 x 575511 x 1520 x 575511 x 1520 x 575
Dimensions base cabinet tank [W x H x D mm]511 x 800 x 575511 x 800 x 575511 x 800 x 575
Weight (without polishing cartridge) [kg]393940
* with OptiFill Dispenser

Article no.System type*Typical applications
18800020OmniaLabDS 20Feedwater for analyzers, autoclaves and laboratory washers
18800040OmniaLabDS 40Feedwater for analyzers, autoclaves and laboratory washers
18800060OmniaLabDS 60Feedwater for analyzers, autoclaves and laboratory washers
* RO cartridge, stainless steel polishing cartridge, sterile filter capsule 0.2 μm, sterile overflow and sterile vent filter + CO2 absorber included

19200020Pre-treatment unit OmniaLab – 10“
19200050UV tank disinfection unit 254 nm
19200051UV Flow through disinfection 254 nm
12280050Replacement/second polishing cartridge type DS 2800 RV
19200040Emergency supplyl
19200041Degassing unit
16561201External pressure booster pump SC 3000