Consumable supplies

Easily and quick.

Filter cartridges, filter capsules, tank accessories and UV lamps can be easily and quickly replaced. With a few simple steps, you can replace the consumables in the existing stakpure equipment. New: stakpure consumables are also suitable for TKA / Thermo equipment, like GenPure *, Smart2Pure * and MicroPure *.

* Please check respective specification. See the table below.

Filter cartridges
19000001Filter cartridge BIG 055 - fitting for GenPure
19000002Filter cartridge BIG 067 - fitting for Pacific
19000003Filter cartridge SMALL 055 - fitting for MicroPure
19000004Filter cartridge DIRECT 055 - fitting for Smart2Pure
19000005Filter cartridge DIRECT 067 - fitting for MicroLab

19000007Pretreatment DIRECT 3 - fitting for Smart2Pure 3
19000008Pretreatment DIRECT 6 - fitting for Smart2Pure 6
19000009Pretreatment DIRECT 12 - fitting for Smart2Pure 12
Filter capsules + tank accessories
19100300Sterile filter capsule 0,2 µm - fitting for GenPure + MicroPure
19000050UF-ultrafiltration BIG - fitting for GenPure
19000051UF-ultrafiltration SMALL - fitting for MicroPure + Smart2Pure

19500300Sterile tank overflow 30 - 100 liters -fitting for Pacific + LabTower
19500200CO2-Absorber + sterile vent filter - fitting for Pacific + LabTower
19500400Sterile vent filter DIRECT - fitting for Smart2Pure
19100200Replacement UV-lamp SMALL 185 - fitting for MicroPure + Smart2Pure
Replacement UV lamp BIG 185 - fitting for GenPure
19400200Replacement UV-lamp BIG 254 - fitting for Pacific + LabTower
19400300Replacement UV-lamp for tank 254 fitting for Pacific + LabTower


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