Company anniversary 10 years

A success story ...

The Startup! Three insiders from the field of pure and ultrapure water treatment found stakpure. Leo Trumm, Danny Schmidt and Julius Albrecht are specialists in the development and manufacture of water treatment systems of all grades as needed in laboratory and medical technology, pharmaceuticals and industry. Market segments in which they are also well versed at international level.


The three have a clear objective: within 2 to 3 years, stakpure is to emerge as a full-range supplier for laboratory water supply. For this purpose, a convincing portfolio has to be built up, with ion exchange systems, conductivity meters, a regeneration plant for mixed bed resins, with reverse osmosis plants and, above all, compact laboratory pure and ultrapure water systems.

Although not in a garage, but in sparsely furnished office and storage rooms, the development of the first ion exchange systems and conductivity meters is started.



Construction and occupation of the first production facility with office space at the Niederahr site near Montabaur. First employees are hired for production, service and administration. At the same time, the production of ion exchange systems and reverse osmosis plants begins.

Just one year later, a dedicated regeneration plant for laboratory mixed-bed resins is planned, built and put into operation. Now it is possible to offer regeneration for ion exchange cartridges as a service. This brings us a big step closer to our goal of becoming a complete supplier for laboratory water supply.



With a view to markets worldwide, intensive work has already been carried out on the last building block of the portfolio, the development of pure and ultrapure water systems for analytics and life science. The "premiere" with presentation of the "Omnia" instrument series to an international audience takes place at Analytica Munich.

Employees with industry experience, programmers for PLC control and engineers expand the competence team and the project planning department. A development office is opened in Frankenberg near Dresden. By means of individually planned central supply systems, even large hospitals and clinics as well as universities and institutes are supplied with pure water as required. In combination with the terminal ultrapure water systems, the vision is a reality: stakpure is a complete supplier.



Continuing on a healthy growth course! A new office and training building arises. With perfect working conditions for the team of around 25 employees from the areas of development, production, service, sales and administration.

Ready for the future! With the first part of the generation change, a rejuvenation of the management team is taking place. Mr. Jörg Groß will be responsible for the technical area.



Corona also poses new challenges for stakpure. The usual distribution channels such as trade fairs and field sales no longer exist. But a virtual 3D lab opens up new avenues. In this way, contact with customers remains lively, products are presented and training courses are held. With the supply of ultrapure water systems, stakpure supports the rapid establishment of additional PCR test capacities in the laboratories.

A fresh breeze continues! With Mr. Alexander Albrecht, responsible for the commercial area, the second part of the generation change is taking place. Now the trio – Danny Schmidt, Jörg Groß and Alexander Albrecht – is in charge of stakpure.



With the development of the Omnia xstouch pure and ultrapure water system, stakpure is setting new standards. Exemplary for compactness and sustainability!

We are still here for you – we promise! Growing customer and quality demands on our services will continue to be the focus of our thoughts and actions in the future. We will incorporate changing market requirements into product innovations and continuously improve and expand our portfolio.



Fit for tomorrow

The name stakpure stands for quality and sustainability, because our future is blue. We already combine resource efficiency, durability and recyclability with the highest quality standards. This conserves the valuable resources of our blue planet for the life of the product.


As a young team that is now around 40 employees strong, we are making ourselves fit for tomorrow.
And we will also continue to place internationally through selective reinforcements.


We want to continue to be your reliable and strong partner and look forward to a bright future together. There are some surprises waiting for you, because standing still would be taking a step backwards.