stakpure accessories.

For reverse osmosis systems.

Filter housings and filter cartridges

Pressure-resistant filter casings made of plastic with wall mount as well as appropriately sized filter cartridges for pre-filtration, particle and sterile filtration. Also as activated carbon filter combined with pre-filter.


stakpure filter housings10“10“10“20“20“20“
Pressure gaugewithout12without12
Casing materialPPPPPPPPPPPP
Max. operating pressure8.5 bar8.5 bar8.5 bar8.5 bar8.5 bar8.5 bar
Max. temperature
52 °C52 °C52 °C52 °C52 °C52 °C
Connection, both sidesR ¾“R ¾“R ¾“R ¾“R ¾“R ¾“
Dimensions mm (Ø x length)130 x 568130 x 568130 x 568130 x 311130 x 311130 x 311
Weight1.2 kg1.3 kg1.4 kg1.9 kg2.0 kg2.1 kg
Order no.16531000 1653110016531200165320001653210016532200

stakpure pre-filter artridges10“10“10“10“20“20“20“20“
Pore size1 μm3 μm5 μmActivated carbon +PF 51 μm
3 μm5 μmActivated carbon +PF 5
Flow rate
at 0.15 bar Δp
750 l/h 1000 l/h 1500 l/h750 l/h1500 l/h2000 l/h3000 l/h1500 l/h
Order no.1651010016510700165105001652010016510600165108001651100016520200

stakpure particle and sterile filtration
Pore size0.20 μm0.20 μm
approx. flow rate at 0.15 bar Δp800 l/h1600 l/h
Order no.1655550016555800

System separator

Safety device that is compliant with EN 1717 and DIN 1988 – DVGW (German drinking water specifications). It prevents non-potable water from flowing into the public water supply should back-pressure, reverse flow or suction occur in the system.


stakpure ST FK4ST 20ST 25ST 32ST 40ST 50
Flow rate at 0.7 bar Δp2.0 m3/h3.0 m3/h4.0 m3/h6.0 m3/h10.0 m3/h
ConnectionsR ¾“R 1“R 1¼“R 1½“R 2“
Width mm208247272315345
Depth mm140168180220230
Height mm218263263446446
Weight1.55 kg1.65 kg4.6 kg4.7 kg4.8 kg
Order no.2501400025014100250142002501430025014400

Backflushable fine filter + household water station

Filter combinations with backflushable fine filter and pressure reducer in one unit – DVGW-tested (German Association for Gas and Water). The fine filter prevents foreign particles from being washed in, such as rust particles, hemp remnants and grains of sand. The pressure reducer prevents pressure damage and lowers water consumption.


stakpure Typ RF + HSRF 20RT 25RT 32RT 40RT 50
Flow rate at 0.2 – 0.6 bar Δp2.0 m3/h3.0 m3/h4.0 m3/h6.0 m3/h10.0 m3/h
Filtration down to100 μm100 μm100 μm100 μm100 μm
ConnectionsR ¾“R 1“R 1¼“R 1½“R 2“
Width mm150150150370408
Depth mm178178182150150
Height mm415415415590590
Weight2.3 kg2.6 kg3.9 kg8.1 kg10.0 kg
Order no.1655290016553000165531001655400016554100

Storage tanks 100 – 500 l

Storage tanks in grey PP for storing purified water from reverse osmosis systems. Closed and opaque design, round, including manhole for cleaning. The tank comes completely piped and is available with optional accessories. On request, also available with sloping tank bottom for completely discharging and effective disinfection.


stakpure storage tank typeRT 100 PPRT 200 PPRT 300 PPRT 400 PPRT 500 PP
Volume100 l200 l300 l400 l500 l
Overflow connection
R ¾"R ¾"R ¾"R 1"R 1"
Outlet connectionR 1 ¼" i*R 1 ¼" i*R 1 ¼" i*R 1 ¼" i*R 1 ¼" i*
Inlet connectionR ¾"R ¾"R ¾"R ¾"R ¾"
Dimensions mm (Ø x height)470 x 680560 x 840690 x 830760 x 1050780 x 1100
Dimensions mm (Ø x height)
with sloping tank bottom
470 x 680560 x 840690 x 830760 x 1050780 x 1100
Weight kg, empty1214161820
Order no.1650010016500200165003001650040016500500
Order no. with sloping tank bottom1650010116500201165003011650040116500501
* internal threads

Storage tanks 1100 – 3000 l

Storage tanks in black PE for storing pure water from reverse osmosis systems. Closed rectangular design, including 400 mm manhole with lid and tension ring as well as galvanised steel bandages.


stakpure storage tank typeRT 1100 PERT 1500 PERT 2000 PERT 3000 PE
Volume1100 l1500 l2000 l3000 l
Overflow connectionR ¾"R ¾"R ¾"R ¾"
Outlet connectionR 1 ¼"R 1 ¼"R 1 ¼"R 1 ¼"
Inlet connectionR ¾"R ¾"R ¾"R ¾"
Dimensions mm (L x W x H)1400 x 720 x 14001560 x 720 x 16402070 x 720 x 16902230 x 995 x 1650
Weight kg, empty
Order no.16501100165015001650200016503000


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