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Customised solutions for you.

Do you work with water in its purest form? We at stakpure offer you customised solutions on everything to do with high purity and ultrapure water treatment and a comprehensive service. It starts with in-depth advice, and doesn’t end with the commissioning. We will also be pleased to arrange the maintenance and resin regeneration for you.


Whether small quantities of a few litres, as are required in doctors’ surgeries or laboratories on a daily basis, or thousands of litres for large laboratory facilities, hospitals and use in pharmacy and industry – we make sure that your investment remains profitable for a long time to come.


It always starts with an in-depth consultation and establishing your requirements before we prepare and submit a well-founded solution. The result may be a standard device, an individual equipment configuration or a solution planned and realised on an engineering basis.


The main requirement for a successfully planned system is the personal meeting with you. Ideally on site, of course. That is the best way to establish your requirements; the system parameters are defined together, and often it is possible to give a rough idea of the costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us (at no obligation to yourself) – we’re here for you!


Now it’s all about the smooth interlinking of the preparatory measures. stakpure works with highly-qualified, motivated staff, every one of whom “lives” their responsibility for the success of the project and the complete satisfaction of our customers. You can rely on our delivery dates just as much as on our systems and service! Your new appliance will be commissioned on site by our trained technicians, who will also instruct your staff in using it.


Permanently safe and economical production – with our conditioning systems.


Service is not an empty promise at stakpure, but an important field of activity in achieving customer satisfaction. Because only the reliable support for a system, whether large or small, will ensure that it runs smoothly and safely, and protect against incalculable risks resulting from downtimes.


Detailed instruction and commissioning are just as important to us as the subsequent service. Whatever you wish: we are at your disposal to provide contract-based service or service on demand. Anywhere in Germany, and even in our 24-hour express service if required. We will also undertake the planning and execution of all service tasks. It goes without saying that we will also replace cartridges and filters, as well as ensuring professional reconditioning of the mixed-bed resins.

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