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stakpure, a growing company

Oktober 2018:

stakpure, a growing company. Every day!

Wherever water is required in its purest form, our sales team will find the right solution for you. Service is extremely important to us, and we are proud of our short response times. Planning, realisation and aftersales support are all provided by a single source, and are tailored precisely to your requirements.

After 5 years, the start-up company has become a national and international recognized manufacturer of pure and clean water systems for laboratory and medical technology. The young GmbH doesn’t rest on its laurels – it’s growing steadily and successfully. Since the foundation end of 2013 - more and more professionals strengthen the stakpure team with competence and dedication. In order to meet the requirements of employees and customers, the team is proud that the location Niederahr was extended by a new office and training center in September 2018.

April 2018:

The new Omnia 3D Video!

Video Omnia 3D

Clever in every application situation. The Omnia ultrapure water systems adapt to almost every requirement in the laboratory.
For large and small amounts of water, type I, II, III or CLRW water, on-table or under-table with separate dispenser, etc. –
be inspired by our new product video!

November 2017:


Omnia Series with external dispenser.

Omnia Series with external dispenser.
OmniaPure now available with real time TOC monitoring.

January 2017:

We are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 9001:2015 TÜV Logo

March 2016:

Pure and ultrapure water systems
Convenient, compact and adaptable

Whether for demanding applications in life sciences and chemical analysis or for supplying analysers, autoclaves and laboratory glassware washers – with three systems, the new stakpure Omnia series provides the ideal solution for any task.


OmniaTap and OmniaPure – very similar in outer appearance, with different technologies inside.

The all-rounder OmniaTap is the perfect system when both pure and ultrapure water is required in small quantities. The combination of highly modern filtering technology means that pure and ultrapure water of the categories ASTM II and I can be drawn from a single system and can be connected directly to the fresh water supply. Downstream laboratory devices can be supplied via the integrated 10-litre pure water tank with recirculation and pressure outlet.

If, on the other hand, only ultrapure water is required in large quantities, the specialist OmniaPure - with a supply rate of 2 l/min - is the ideal system. An integrated pretreatment unit ensures constantly reliable analysis results and reduces operating costs. It saves valuable space in the laboratory - whether mounted on the wall, on the laboratory bench or well stowed in a laboratory base cabinet.


OmniaLab – with continuous resin generation via the electro-deionisation module, without any chemicals.

The large OmniaLab - with an output of up to 80 l/h - is the ideal system if both pure and ultrapure water is required for the complete supply of the laboratory. The system satisfies international water standards such as ASTM, ISO 3696 and CLSI. Furthermore, the OmniaLab system stores 100 litres of type ASTM II pure water in a storage tank with quality recirculation, ready for drawing. The flexible positioning of the purifying modules enables OmniaLab to be used as a tower unit, mobile on castors or in a laboratory base cabinet, saving space.

The Omnia series is extremely convenient to use. All devices are fitted with the Optifill one-hand dispenser with integrated control- and monitoring unit. One-handed operation, removable, can be swivelled and height-adjusted, and with a flexible connection for easy water dispensing into any type of container.

Compact in design, these space-saving devices with their slender housing can be mounted on the wall, placed easily on the laboratory bench or in a base cabinet. The easily accessible control and service cover ensures that consumables can be replaced in seconds.

The systems are characterized by their economy and flexibility in many applications. In molecular- and microbiology as well as in autoclave treatment and analysis. The mains unit with automatic voltage adjustment to 24 V enables use anywhere in the world. With the new Omnia series, the name is the programme – Omnia is Latin for "everything".

Source: www.labo.de


January 2016:

stakpure is becoming a full-service laboratory equipment manufacturer and is strengthening its marketing and service power.

It is exactly 2 years since we entered the field of high purity and ultrapure water treatment. Now we have completed our product and service portfolio. Following on from the ion exchange cartridges and reverse osmosis systems, we opened one of the most modern and environmentally friendly resin regeneration systems in Europe in April 2015.

We are now completing our product portfolio with ultrapure water treatment systems that we have developed ourselves. The three models in the user-friendly Omnia series will be available from April 2016.

Jörg Gross joined the sales and distribution team at the beginning of January. We are delighted to introduce you to another experienced product specialist, who has been working in the field of water recycling for laboratory and medical technology for over 10 years. In future, Herr Gross will be your contact as Regional Sales Director East, and Herr Ressmann as Regional Sales Director West.

Jörg Groß
Jörg Groß
Direct line: +49 (0) 3732 879858
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Wherever water is required in its purest form, our sales team will find the right solution for you. Service is extremely important to us, and we are proud of our short response times. Planning, realisation and aftersales support are all provided by a single source, and are tailored precisely to your requirements. As a full-service ultrapure water specialist, we supply locations all over Europe.


April 2015:

First year, stakpure

The start-up of stakpure, the pure and ultra pure water specialist, was exactly one year ago. The four founders, all with long experience in this market segment, managed to erect and move into their new building in Niederahr, near Coblenz (Germany), within this first year.

company premises in Niederahr
The new company premises in Niederahr, already erected and in full use.

Service is uppermost at stakpure, and all are proud of the short reaction times. Planning, realization and after-sales service tailored to customer needs and all from the same company! This pure and ultra pure water specialist already supplies locations all over Europe.

In the near future, the company will present exciting new systems as supplements to the present product portfolio.


Feb. 2015:

Investment in new regeneration plant

We are already providing our services to locations all over Europe, and continue to grow consistently and with confidence. We recently completed one of the most modern and most environmentally-friendly resin regeneration plants in Europe. In future, we will be able to supply you with regenerated mixed bed resins by the barrel or container. The excellent quality of our brand new resin pool is constantly assured by batch inspections with TOC monitoring..

 regeneration plant

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