Water in its purest form

For our clients of laboratory and medical technology, science and research as well as pharmacy and industry we deliver H2O – Water in its purest form

Our pure and ultrapure water systems offer the right solution for every task and comply with international water standards such as ASTM, CLRW (CLSI), DIN EN ISO 15883 and 285. From ion exchange filter cartridges to complex pure water systems in the central supply or terminal ultrapure water systems in analysis and life science.

In the Corona crisis ultrapure water is more important than ever because in RT-PCR analysis only Type I ultrapure water provides reliable analysis results. In order to provide immediate support for the laboratories, we have initiated a quick delivery discount campaign that runs until September 30, 2021.


Ion-exchanger systems

The economic answer to demineralised water for medical practices, hospitals and laboratories.

Pure and ultrapure water systems

For demanding applications in laboratory and medical technology, science and research as well as pharmacy and industry.

Reverse osmosis systems and electro-deionisation systems

For laboratory and medical technology, in central sterilization or supply of analysers of hospitals and clinics as well as pharmacy and industry.

stakpure novelty:

Space-saving "All in one" RO ED compact systems

Our new “all in one” units have already integrated all components and they are premounted ready to connect.

RO ED ready mini

Type II laboratory water

› fits in every 90s base cabinet


RO ED ready

DIN EN 285 Pure water for medical technology

› up to pyrogen-free water for ophthalmologists

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We give it all for purest water.

Once founded by 4 industry experts in 2013, this start-up has become a rapidly expanding company for pure and ultra pure water systems.


For our customers in laboratory and medical technology sectors we plan, project, realize and serve complete solutions worldwide depending on their customer-specific requirements of water quality and economy. All from a single, reliable source. All with passion and mind.