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The new Omnia 3D Video!

› Watch the OMNIA product video Clever in every application situation. The Omnia ultrapure water systems adapt to almost every requirement in the laboratory. For large and small amounts of water, ty…

08. Feb 2018

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The economic answer to demineralised water for medical practices, hospitals and laboratories.

› Ion-exchangers of synthetic material 
› Ion-exchangers in stainless steel cartridges 
› Conductivity meter
› Regeneration

Pure and ultrapure water systems

for QC, R & D and analytical labs in science, pharmaceutics and industries.

› Water Qualities
› Type I
› Type II
› Type III
› Consumables

Reverse osmosis and electro-deionisation systems

the efficient and cost-effective way of producing a centralised supply of pure water as required in laboratories, health care, pharmaceutical companies and industry.

› Compact units
› Centralised supply
› RO + ED systems
› Accessories
› Water softening systems

We give it all for purest water.

Once founded by 4 industry experts in 2013, this start-up has become a rapidly expanding company for pure and ultra pure water systems. For our customers in laboratory and medical technology sectors we plan, project, realize and serve complete solutions worldwide depending on their customer-specific requirements of water quality and economy. All from a single, reliable source. All with passion and mind. › Learn more

H2O pure – Water in its purest form